Student Management System

A Student Management System is the modern day’s answer to the old school ledgers and spreadsheets which were traditionally used to formulate and manage all aspects of the running of a school.  It is an online program which can be used by schools, colleges, and all manner of educational and training facilities.

School management systems are comprehensive and equipped to handle many complexities of operating a school, including but not limited to:

  • Enrolment of students
  • Invoicing and collecting of fees
  • Managing donations
  • Scheduling classes
  • Allocating teachers and students to class groups
  • Tracking attendance and reporting truancy
  • Scheduling and marking examinations
  • Facilitating communication between administrators, teachers, students and parents
  • Identification of special needs
  • Issuing reports and certificates
  • State and National reporting compliance
  • Managing and producing schedules, timetables, and student resources
  • Managing fundraising endeavors

Schools at all levels and of all sizes face numerous challenges in their administration. With student management systems, schools and colleges can manage student data in an efficient and affordable way.

COOLSIS is a user-friendly and innovative student management system, designed and built by an expert team of school teachers with experience at all levels of teaching. This experience delivers a deep insight into what is needed for a smooth and comprehensive approach to running a school. So many processes that were traditionally paper-based are now automated, simplifying operations and mitigating issues.

COOLSIS is an affordable, web-based system which considers all administrative aspects of running a school. With secure web access and the ability to designate levels of access for various parties, there is no better business management tool available to schools in Texas and throughout the United States.

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