Student Information System

A Student Information System or school information system is a software-based management information system that schools use to manage all aspects of their student data. They are usually web-based, and are designed to handle the complex administrative issues that managers and teachers face when running a school. They are beneficial to not only administrators and teachers, but to parents and students as well.

Student information systems allow for fast and streamlined:

  • Registration of students
  • Parent enquiries
  • Admissions processes
  • Documenting of grades
  • Transcription
  • Reporting
  • Creation of class groups
  • Tracking student attendance
  • Collation of assessment scores
  • Building student schedules
  • Invoicing and collection of fees
  • Scheduling classes
  • Reporting truancy
  • Scheduling and marking examinations
  • Facilitating communication between managers, teachers, students and parents
  • Discipline records
  • Issuing certificates
  • State and National reporting compliance
  • Managing volunteers and fundraising efforts
  • …and much more.

COOLSIS student information systems accommodate everything from small elementary schools to large, multi-campus educational facilities, working with and for both charter schools and private schools in Texas and throughout the United States and even internationally.

COOLSIS is an incredibly user-friendly and innovative student information system that has been conceived, designed, and built by an expert team of experienced school teachers from all levels of teaching. Their expertise at the “coal face” of teaching and administration in real schools delivers a deep insight into what is required for a streamlined approach to operating all aspects of a school.

COOLSIS is a superior and affordable online system which simplifies all administrative aspects of running a school. It delivers on secure web access and offers the ability to designate specific levels of access for each user. COOLSIS is a premium business management tool available to schools in Texas and throughout the United States; contact us today to learn more.