Cool Features

COOLSIS is equipped with user-friendly and efficient features, modules, and helpdesk tools to support
educators, administrators, parents, and their students.

  • Manages both academic and business aspects of your
    school’s data
  • Increases connection and cooperation between school administration, teachers, parents and students
  • Highly flexible and customizable system; optimized
    specifically for different user groups including
    administrators, teachers, and parents

How We Help You


Schools can use COOLSIS for a complete solution to both the academic and business aspects of educational data management.


As previous educators, we know how difficult it can be to juggle a room full of students and maintain their records. COOLSIS was designed to make teachers’ lives easier!

Parents and Students

COOLSIS helps parents stay connected with their children, with access to live data on what goes on at school and quick communication tools to easily stay in touch with teachers.


Schools can use COOLSIS for a complete solution to both the academic and business aspects of educational data management. COOLSIS provides the foundation and tools for communication within both school and district-wide settings. From purchase requests and staff management to customizable transcripts and grade break-downs, the user-friendly and task efficient COOLSIS system will give you reliable data at a fraction of the time you previously spent trying to manage your range of information.

And with quick implementation, effective training, dependable support, and reliable maintenance, COOLSIS is always ready to deliver.

  • Academic Terms
  • Application
  • Assignment Management
  • Business
  • Central Office
  • College Counseling
  • Consultancy Module
  • Course Management
  • Fee Tracking
  • Flex Fields
  • Grade Breakdown
  • Lunch Tracking
  • Online Inquiry
  • Reports
  • State Reporting
  • Student Information
  • Transcript
  • User Credentials


Because the members of our core COOLSIS team were all previous educators, we know more than anyone just how difficult and overwhelming it can be to juggle a classroom and maintain accurate records on a range of information. COOLSIS is here to help, not make your life more frustrating trying to learn yet another software system or spending hours trying to upload data for each student. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to assist you with your everyday tasks, COOLSIS makes data upkeep a breeze. With COOLSIS, teachers get access to user-friendly modules and gadgets to simplify everyday tasks.

With COOLSIS, teachers get access to user-friendly modules and gadgets to simplify everyday tasks.

  • Activities
  • Assignment
  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Data Export
  • Documents
  • Exam Reader
  • GPA and Ranking
  • Gradebook
  • Helpdesk
  • Mobile Application
  • Mobile Messaging
  • My Workplace
  • Parent and Student Web Access
  • Parent Information
  • Purchase Request
  • User Interface


To truly succeed, parents need to be involved and connected to what goes on with their children. COOLSIS provides parents with their child’s live data, including grades, assignments, behavior incidents, courses, schedules, and much more. Parents that have multiple children in the district only need one account to view all records.

Plus, the COOLSIS mobile application provides parents with a quick and easy-to-use tool to see their data on-the-go. Using the app, parents can also setup notifications that will appear when an assignment is graded, a behavior incident is reported, or even when their password is reset! Download the COOLSIS app for your smart phone.

  • Student Behavior Reports
  • User Interface optimized for Parents
  • Helpdesk optimized for Parents
  • Online Inquiry optimized for Parents
  • Easy to use smart phone app
  • Parent and Student Web Access

Cool Modules

Exam Reader

Teachers can avoid human errors and reduce the amount of grading time with the COOLSIS Exam Reader. Simply use regular printing paper to print out answer sheets, then scan them and let COOLSIS do the rest.

Online Inquiry

Schools can set up links on their website to receive enrollment inquiries from interested parents. Each inquiry automatically starts an application that can be seen by your school’s office manager.

State Reporting

The COOLSIS state reports are all 100% compliant and ready to export. Learn more about state reporting here


All reports on COOLSIS are easy to read and provide useful organized data for users. COOLSIS features predefined reports for each module and users can create a report with any window.

Parent & Student Web Access

Parents and students get access to view all up-to-date grades, assignments, schedules, behavior incidents, attendance, calendar events, communication logs (parents only), courses, course/club choices, transcripts, school information, and more.

COOLSIS Mobile Application

Parents and students can stay up-to-date wherever they go with any smartphone or tablet. This app is free and provides 24/7 access to live COOLSIS data.

Cool Support

helpdesk-icon The Helpdesk

COOLSIS was designed with you in mind – whether you’re an admin, teacher, parent or student, COOLSIS aims to always provide you with an easy and seamless experience. And should you ever need assistance, we’re ready and waiting!

The COOLSIS helpdesk icon, conveniently placed on every COOLSIS screen, is a gateway to immediate help, whenever you need it. Through Helpdesk, users can find various forms of support via our support library and ticketing system.

Support Library

Read, watch and hear all there is to know about COOLSIS processes. With a range of media including word documents, presentations and videos, users can easily find how-to guides and walk-throughs on how to accomplish specific tasks or access relevant information.


Need quick help by an actual person? Contact our expert staff via our ticketing system. Submit a ticket for assistance, development or technical support, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Dedicated (and Cool) Team

Each member of the COOLSIS team has had teaching or administrative experience at K-12 schools. We are not just software developers. We know the school domain intimately as teachers, administrators, and also as parents; this is where we learned first-hand what schools really need from an SIS. Plus, we consistently consult with more than 15 CMOs, administrators, and teachers on current needs, future updates, and how to best support new and existing users. We are genuinely dedicated to providing the best SIS experience.


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