California schools need no longer worry about generating and submitting state reports; with COOLSIS, California Schools have 100% compliant CALPADS reporting. All administrators need to do is download these reports straight from COOLSIS!

With COOLSIS, schools can rest assured knowing that all of their latest data is also automatically updated on the CALPADS reports through COOLSIS. Moreover, the COOLSIS team handles all of the requisite updates as mandated by the California Department of Education, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Which CALPADS Reports Are Provided?

The COOLSIS team aims to provide the full set of reports required by CALPADS. Here is the current list, as determined by CALPADS:

  • CAHSEE Waivers and Exemptions
  • Course Section
  • SSID Enrollment
  • Staff Assignments
  • Staff Demographics
  • Student Course Section
  • Student Discipline
  • Student Information
  • Student Program
  • Student Career Technical Education
  • Student English Language Acquisition

The Right Tool for You

With COOLSIS, you never have to worry about correctly submitting your state reports again. School administrators can simply download the report from COOLSIS and upload it into the CALPADS website.

COOLSIS is fully state compliant. You can find COOLSIS on the California Department of Education website by clicking here.