The Homework Battle: Ways Parents Can Win

Homework is perhaps the most challenging thing relating to schooling that parents deal with. While a few students are highly motivated and self-directing, many need considerable coaxing to get their required homework tasks done. Some students refuse outright. And in today’s modern world with so many distractions such as television, the internet, and social media in particular, it can feel for many parents that they are fighting a losing battle with their kids over homework.


How to Rally Parents for Fundraising

A huge part of operating a school effectively relies on fundraising. Schools rely on parents to help enormously with this. As a general rule, however, parents are unfortunately not particularly enamored with this aspect of being part of a school community.

School administration includes the collection of fees from every student, and some schools build voluntary donations into their fee structure. However much more funding is usually required than that afforded by these and by government funding, and this is where parents need to volunteer to assist in various forms of fundraising activity.


Tips to Minimize Truancy

Truancy, or skipping school, is a significant problem in schools across Texas and throughout the United States. It has also been statistically identified as a warning sign that students may be heading for more troublesome activities and potentially even delinquency. It’s really important for teachers, parents, and administrators to identify these students and put in place strategies to help minimize truancy levels. Having a premium student information system in place in the school is just the first step.


Cut-Off Date for Kindergarten

The first day of school is one of the most important days of a child’s life. Yet there is no uniformity in this country on exactly when that should take place.

The cut-off date for kindergarten, meaning the date at which a child must be 5 years old in order to start school, differs from state to state.


What is School Management Software?

You might be unfamiliar with the terms school management software or student information systems, but once you know what they are, they are very straightforward and simple to understand.

As we move into a more complex yet paperless, digital world, business entities and other organizations need to have premium processes in place to manage all aspects of their administration for smooth and streamlined handling. This applies in no small part to academic facilities, including elementary, middle, and senior schools.