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State Reporting

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Charter School Friendly

COOLSIS was originally built with charter schools in
mind, and continuing to serve the charter school
community is always a priority for us.


  • As school Principal of Magnolia Science Academy-Bell middle school, the COOLSIS student information system serves as the vehicle which allows all stakeholders to be apprised of the critical information relative to our students. Furthermore, it guarantees optimal communication between the underlying triad of students-parents-teachers. Also, parents are able to see real time student academic, behavioral, & assistance updates with a simple click or touch of a button. Finally, COOLSIS’s unique user friendly interface make it easy for any person to navigate through a student’s profile with ease.

    A. Rubalcava, Principal
  • I just really appreciate so much not being left out of her education and love COOLSIS. It has prevented many arguments that parents and children come across; it also lets me know what quality the teachers we have at our school who care enough to invest the time using COOLSIS.

  • The reason I love COOLSIS is because I have real-time feedback and knowledge of my child`s missing assignments. This enables me to have communication with her to correct the behavior or give her help.

    S. Freeman, Parent


Designed With You In Mind

With decades of experience in the education industry, COOLSIS is a
culmination of innovation and passion towards making the education
experience a positive one, not just for students and teachers, but also
for parents and administrators.