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COOLSIS is a leading school information system. With over 10 years of experience, our team developed COOLSIS to match the needs of schools and districts world-wide. Initially, COOLSIS began serving charter schools in California. Now, COOLSIS serves schools across the United States and in many countries around the world.


  • Teachers easily take attendance, grade assignments, and organize their courses
  • Admins get complete control of online admissions, purchase requests, and business
  • Parents and students can access COOLSIS through the web, smartphones, and tablets

COOLSIS is on Youtube!

We are proud to announce that the COOLSIS How-to-Videos are now on Youtube. Teachers, admins, and parents can check out the How-to-Videos to learn more about all the different COOLSIS features.


User Friendly

The COOLSIS user-friendly interface makes it easy for all new users to learn how to use COOLSIS. Accessing each module and feature is quick and simple, letting users achieve their goals efficiently. The COOLSIS helpdesk provides great resources in training new staff members, these sources include: videos, presentations, and instructional documents.

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Free for Parents and Students

With COOLSIS Mobile Application, parents and students receive real-time access to necessary and useful data such as Attendance, Assignments, Grades, Behavior, Schedule, Courses, Communication Log, Log-in History and more to stay up-to-date with the school.

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COOLSIS was Designed for Charter Schools

COOLSIS was built with charter schools in mind, thus making your charter school’s COOLSIS experience better than anything. Our company has an inner understanding of how charter schools work, which lets us optimize CoolSIS for your charter school needs


COOLSIS at Conferences and Events

Attending a conference that the COOLSIS team is attending? If so, stop by meet the COOLSIS team and checkout live demos and presentations at any of the upcoming events. Find out more about the upcoming and past events here.

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Save Time

State reports shouldn’t be a hassle to complete, so COOLSIS provides schools with automatically generated state and government reports to give schools more time to focus on education. Reports are available for various states.

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California Charter schools, check out these discounts!

If any of the following is true for your school, your school may be eligible for a discount.


Introducing the new COOLSIS iPad App!

We are proud to introduce the new COOLSIS iPad Application. The newly enhanced user-friendly interface provides iPad users a clear and easy-to-use application.

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The Support Every School Should Have

All COOLSIS users, including parents and students, are supported through the COOLSIS Helpdesk. Staff members get access to support that includes How-to-Videos, training presentations, knowledge base documents, and access to our ticket system. Staff member COOLSIS accounts feature a direct link to the Helpdesk with no re-login step for quick access.

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COOLSIS at the 23rd Annual California Charter Schools Conference

The COOLSIS Team attended the 23rd Annual California Charter School Association (CCSA) Conference in Los Angles on March 14-17, 2016/p>

PC or Mac?

Whether you use a PC or Mac product, you can rest assured knowing that COOLSIS is compatible with all devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers. COOLSIS can be used through any internet browser or through the COOLSIS Mobile Application.

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Our dedicated staff have assembled the How-to-Videos to enhance every COOLSIS user.

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Training Presentations

Learn more about COOLSIS features through our training presentations.                                      

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COOLSIS Helpdesk

COOLSIS Helpdesk provides all the support that may be needed during the academic year.

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Compatible Systems

COOLSIS is compatible with external programs and compliant with state-reports.

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On the Go

Access COOLSIS anytime, anywhere via the COOLSIS Mobile Application
COOLSIS Parent and Student Web Access

Web Access

Stay connected with your school through the COOLSIS Parent & Student Web Access
COOLSIS Online Inquiry

Online Inquiry

Apply to your school online by using COOLSIS Online Inquiry module
COOLSIS Parent & Student Information

Student Information

Every student file is extensive, easy to access and equipped with all the necessary fields
COOLSIS Attendance


Take attendance easily with a customizable seating chart or a list of students
COOLSIS Behaviour


Don't just penalize the bad behavior, reward the good behavior
COOLSIS Gradebook


Easily manage and grade assignments
COOLSIS Application


Easily manage all aplications with user-friendly tools
COOLSIS ExamReader

Exam Reader

It is efficient, easy to use and it automatically enters grades into the gradebook
COOLSIS Lunch Application

Lunch Application

Not only speeds up lines, but it also keeps track of all the lunch records for state reporting
COOLSIS College Counseling

College Counseling

Ensure that all students receive the education to be on the path of success with COOLSIS


Organized and easy to read reports available with just a mouse click
COOLSIS State Reporting

State Reporting

Assists schools in various states in getting the state reports done quickly and properly
COOLSIS Business


Fully equipped to manage staff members and to oversee all school operations
COOLSIS Documents


Organize all school documents for business purposes and educational aids 
COOLSIS Purchase Request

Purchase Request

Top of the line request systems to help facilitate communication between staff and admins
Flex Fields

Flex Fields

As an innovative school information system, COOLSIS is adaptable to any school's needs
COOLSIS Activities


See all completed, planned and cancelled school activities done by staff members
COOLSIS My Workplace

My Workplace

Administrators are able to use more gadgets as they need to oversee school operations
COOLSIS Helpdesk


Equipped with the tools to have users using COOLSIS at its full potential


“The reason I love COOLSIS is because I have real-time feedback and knowledge of my child`s missing assignments. This enables me to have communication with her to correct the behavior or give her help.”

S. Freeman

“I just really appreciate so much not being left out of her education and love COOLSIS. It has prevented many arguments that parents and children come across; it also lets me know what quality the teachers we have at our school who care enough to invest the time using COOLSIS.”


“As school Principal of Magnolia Science Academy-Bell middle school, the COOLSIS student information system serves as the vehicle which allows all stakeholders to be apprised of the critical information relative to our students. Furthermore, it guarantees optimal communication between the underlying triad of students-parents-teachers. Also, parents are able to see real time student academic, behavioral, & assistance updates with a simple click or touch of a button. Finally, COOLSIS's unique user friendly interface make it easy for any person to navigate through a student's profile with ease.” A. Rubalcava-Principal

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The COOLSIS team has developed the solution to meet and exceed schools’ information management requirements. COOLSIS is equipped with various modules that range from the academics to business aspects of information management in a school and district-wide level.


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